Artists who have played at Akemi:

Eugene Chadbourne (USA)

Jim Denley (Blue Mountains)

Kris Wanders Unit (Melb)

Kim Mehr (Norway)

Mike Cooper (USA)

Clayton Thomas (Syd/Berlin)

Clare Cooper (Syd/Berlin)

Natasha Anderson (Melb)

Robbie Avenaim (Melb)

Jon Rose (Syd)

Rod Cooper (Melb)

Tony Buck (Syd/Berlin)

Joel Stern (Bris)

Rory Brown (Syd)

Anthony Guerra (Japan)

Luke Simmonis (Netherlands)

The Splinter Orchestra (Syd)

Naked on the Vague (Syd)

Taste of Teeth (Brisbane)

The Unaustralians (Melbourne)

Inge Olmheim (Norway)

David Phillips (Germany)

Ryokuchi (Melbourne)

Metalog (all around Aust)

Stasis Duo (Mars)

Firewitch (Melbourne)

Chris Corsano (USA)

XnoBBQX (Syd/Bris)

Sun of the Seventh Sister (Blue Mountains)

Est Et Non (Blue Mountains)

Barons of Tang (Melbourne)

Man with Long Beard (Blue Mountains)

The Spiders (Blue Mountains)

Martin Kirkwood (Blue Mountains)

Unique Oil Free Air (Sunshine Coast)

Marc Bour (Blue Mountains)

Adam Sussmann (Blue Mountains)

Centre Kings Beauty (Blue Mountains)

Thought Creature (New Zealand)

Unborn Unicorn (San Fransisco)

Castings (Syd)

Brass skulls (Newcastle)

Crabsmasher (Syd)

Toecutter (Syd)

Justice Yeldham (Syd)

Knitted Abyss (Syd)

Kevin Blechdom (USA)

Tim Olive (Japan)

Sounddweller (Sunshine Coast)

Tom Hall (Brisbane)

Robert Curvenegen (Darwin)

Public Toilet Ltd (New Zealand)

Fifth Dimension (New Zealand)

Snake Beings (New Zealand)

Alt Ctrl (Sydney)

Halidron Collider (Blue Mountains)

Experimental Lettuce Harvester (Blue Mountains)

Fangs of Satanic Soccer Mums (Melb)

QQQQ (Blue Mountains)

BONG (Blue Mountains)

The Claw (Syd)

Daiji Igarishi (China)

Paeces (Melb)

this is a short doco on akemi (5 mins, 42 secs)